Tapestry, llc is a personal history and photo organizing service, helping you preserve your stories and photos for family and future generations to enjoy.​ What better way to share your life legacy?


Life Stories

With words and photos, personal history brings your story to life! Sharing values, experiences, and family history, it connects generation to generation. It’s more than facts and dates on a family tree. Whether in a guided workshop or one-on-one coaching, recording your legacy together, one story at a time, is easy and rewarding. When you assemble those stories and photos, your life weaving comes together. Preserve it in a book, and you’ve created a priceless treasure. 

In-person and online workshops. Also offering spiritual life and intergenerational workshops 


Photo Organizing

Do you have years of photos stashed away in boxes, closets, or drawers? Did you inherit even more boxes of old photos? Protect, preserve, and organize those photos and documents so that they may be enjoyed.

Whether you want to include photos in your life story project or another type of photo project, the first step is to get them organized. I can help you organize, scan, and choose the best archival storage options for your needs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to present and share those photos with other family members?


Life Story Workshops - Writing in a group setting, participants learn from and inspire each other while sharing stories and recalling memories. During a six-week workshop, participants meet for two hours each week. No writing experience necessary. Each session provides exercises and themes to help participants organize and write their stories from the heart. Sign up below to learn about upcoming workshops.

Books - Preserve your legacy in a life story book or photo book. 

Memory Books and Boards - These are wonderful for those with dementia or in assisted living facilities. Family posters are also great story starters at family reunions. 


Personal Photo Organizing - We work together on your collection or you turn it over to me to take care of it for you. 

Photo Projects - You don't want those special photos just sitting in a box or in the cloud. Display and enjoy them. Mugs, ornaments, canvas prints, posters, books, the options are endless! Don't forget the memorabilia and heirlooms. They can be beautifully displayed as well. 

Photo Organizing Workshops - Participants each bring a box of photos and learn how easy it can be to organize photos in a few simple steps. We also cover safe handling and storage.​​


Scanning - Once your prints are organized, you may want to digitize your collection. This allows you to have all your photos easily accessible and provides another source of safe storage. I offer white glove service for your precious collection.

Digital Storage and Archival Storage for Your Prints and Memorabilia - I can help you with all your storage needs, from archival boxes to cloud storage. 

By working with you or doing it for you, I can help you with your photo and life story project from beginning to end. 



Life Story Workshop

Life Story Workshop

Life Story Workshop

I have throughly enjoyed this workshop. It motivated me to write down some stories that were in my heart that perhaps need to be told.

Life Story Workshop

Life Story Workshop

Life Story Workshop

It has helped me reflect on my life and how, who, and what has me what I am today.

Life Story Book

Life Story Workshop

Life Story Book

When I was introduced to Teresa I knew she was the lady to help me with my project. She knew how to get my creative juices flowing and opened up a world of memories. She was also well aware of all that needed to be done for publication. Besides getting my book written and published, I gained a wonderful friend and mentor.

- A.G.

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